Verb Practice - acostarse  

No pude acostarme a las nueve porque tenía muchas tareas que hacer.
I couldn't go to bed at nine o'clock because I had a lot of homework to do.
Me acosté a las once.
I went to bed at eleven o'clock.
Quería acostarme más temprano pero no pude.
I wanted to go to bed earlier but I couldn't.
No hice las tareas por la tarde.
I didn't do the homework in the afternoon.
Si hubiera hecho las tareas por la tarde habría podido acostarme más temprano.
If I had done the homework in the afternoon I would have been able to go to bed earlier.
Mamá dice que quería que yo hiciera las tareas tan pronto como llegara a casa.
Mom said that she wanted me to do the homework as soon as I arrived home.
Juan se acostó a las once.
John went to bed at eleven o'clock.
El quería acostarse a las nueve pero no pudo porque no había hecho sus tareas.
He wanted to go to bed at nine o'clock but he couldn't because he hadn't done his homework.
¿ A qué hora te vas a acostar?/¿ A qué hora vas a acostarte?
What time are you going to go to bed?
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