New Year's Day - Año Nuevo  

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Año Nuevo

la medianoche - midnight

el desfile - parade

el confeti - confetti

los fuegos artificiales - fireworks

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Celebrating the New Year in Mexico

Most Mexicans celebrate the coming of
the New Year by having a late night dinner with
family and close friends on New Year's eve.
After dinner many people go out to house
parties, festivals and street celebrations.
As the clock strikes midnight,
Mexicans embrace each other and say "Feliz Año Nuevo!"

Mexican New Year Traditions
Mexicans believe that wearing red underwear
on New Year's eve will bring good
luck with love in the new year,
and wearing yellow underwear
will bring luck with money.

la ropa interior - underwear
rojo - red

They also uphold the tradition of
eating 12 grapes before the
clock strikes midnight and making
a wish!

las uvas - grapes

Mexican New Year Traditions
Mexicans who would like to travel
in the new year place their luggage outside
the home, and take a walk
outside at midnight.

el equipaje - luggage

Another New Year tradition for Mexicans
is making sure the house is clean
before midnight, and even taking
a bath!

bañarse - to bathe oneself
limpiar - to clean

Mexican New Year Traditions

New Year Dinner

For dinner, a staple food is
dried and salted codfish called

Toasts are prepared
with sparkling cider and ponche,
which is a hot fruit punch,
is also prepared.

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