Holidays in Spanish Vocabulary  

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Día de los inocentes
April Fool's Day

Día del Padre
Father's Day
Noche de brujas

Día de la Madre
Mother's Day
Mardi Gras

Día de Año Nuevo
New Year's Day
Día de San Patricio
St. Patrick's Day
Día de Acción de Gracias

Día de San Valentín
Valentine's Day
Día de la independencia
Independence Day

It is fun to learn about the holidays in Spanish! In Latin America there are numerous regional and national holidays. Somewhere in Latin America there is a holiday being celebrated every day of the year. Immersing yourself into a Spanish holiday is a great way to experience the Latin American culture and to learn about important traditions throughout Latin America.

Latin American Spanish holiday celebrations are world renowned. Latin America is known for its excellent quality of life and strong traditions which are on display during outrageous holidays in Spanish. Anyone who is lucky enough to travel to a Latin American country can experience one or more of these amazing celebrations of life which demonstrate the people's tremendous zest for living regardless of whether they happen to be wealthy or impoverished.

Every village, town and region has their own traditional Spanish holidays to honor a patron saints, founders, and important historical events. During these holiday celebrations, traditional Latin American food is enjoyed and outsiders are welcomed to join in on all the fun.

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