Slow Spanish Dialogues - Imperfect Past  

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Dialogue 1
The imperfect indicative is used to describe actions or situations that were incomplete or in progress at the point of time in the past that is being described.

yo pensaba - I was thinking

que eres el Rey - that you were the King

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Victor: Diga
What is it?

Victor: ¿De parte de quién?
On behalf of whom? Who is calling?

Victor: Un momento.
One moment.

Victor: Es Juan Carlos.
It's John Carlos.

Quique: ¿El Rey de España?
The King of Spain?

Victor: No, Tu vecino.
No, your your neighbor.

Quique: Ah!, Vale.
Ah, OK.

Quique: Hola Juan Carlos, pensaba que eras el rey!
Hello John Carlos, I was thinking that you were the King!

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