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Dialogue 1

The verb pensar means to think. It is irregular, in the present, e changes to ie in all forms except nosotros and vosotros

yo pienso I think
piensas you think
Ud./él/ella piensa you/he/she thinks
nosotros/as pensamos we think
vosotros/as pensáis you all think
Uds./ellos/ellas piensan you all/they think

El viaje - The Trip

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Rosa: ¿Tú sales a correr?
Are you going out to run?

Jose: No, yo salgo a caminar.
No, I'm going for a walk.

Rosa: ¿Piensas viajar?
Are you thinking (planning) to travel?

Jose: Pienso viajar a Venezuela.
I'm thinking (planning) to travel to Venezuela.

Rosa: ¿Tienes el boleto de viaje?
Do you have the plane ticket?

Jose: No, la agencia de viajes tiene el boleto.
No, the travel agency has it.

Dialogue 2
Dialogue 3
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Popular Phrase: divertirse preterite | Conjugated Verb: anticipar - to anticipate, to foresee [ click for full conjugation ]