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The present perfect is formed using the formula:

present indicative conjugation of haber + the past participle = present perfect

The present indicative conjugation of haber is shown below:

he (I have)
has (you have)
ha (he/she/you have)
hemos (we have)
habéis (you guys have)
han (they/you all have)

Unos amigos se encuentran en un centro comercial en Filipinas y conversan en cuanto a las compras de navidad…

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Byron: ¿Ya han comprado los regalos de navidad?
Have you all already purchased the Christmas presents?

Sara: Oscar no ha comprado nada y yo he comprado de todo.
Oscar has not bought anything and I have bought everything.

Byron: ¿Qué has comprado?
What have you bought?

Sara: He comprado juguetes, videojuegos y pantalones de lona.
I have bought toys, video-games and canvas trousers.

Byron: ¿Cuánto has gastado?
How much have you spent?

Sara: He gastado más de doscientos euros.
I have spent more than 200 euros.

Byron: Has gastado bastante.
You have spent a lot.

Sara: Y tú ¿has comprado ya algo?
And you, have you already bought something?

Byron: No, no he comprado nada. No he trabajado todo el año.
No, I have not bought anything. I have not worked all year.

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