Interactive Quizlets - Verbs ir & ser - Preterite Tense  

Preterite Tense Verb Ir - Ser
Quiz 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct preterite form of ir. Say the sentence.

Example: Ellos _____ a trabajar para la empresa. - They went to work for the company.

Answer: Ellos fueron a trabajar para la empresa.

1. Juan _____ a la tienda ayer.
John went to the store yesterday.

2. ¿ _____ al hotel?
Did you go to the hotel?

3. Sí, yo _____ al hotel.
Yes, I went to the hotel.

4. _____ a la casa de María anoche.
We went to Mary's house last night.

5. ¿ _____ a la playa?
Did you go to the beach?

6. Yo no sé si María _____ a la tienda.
I don't know if Mary went to the store.

7. Yo no _____ a la farmacia anoche.
I didn't go to the drug store last night.

8. ¿ _____ a la fiesta la semana pasada?
Did you go to the party last week?

9. Yo no sé si Juan _____ al hotel.
I don't know if John went to the hotel.

10. No _____ a Londres.
We did not go to London.

11. Muchachos, ¿A dónde _____ ustedes anoche?
Boys, where did you all go last night?

12. Ellos _____ a bailar a la fiesta.
They went to dance at the party.

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