Interactive Exercises with Spanish Verb Ir (to go) 1  

Verb Ir - to go
Quiz 1

Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb ir.
Say the sentence.

Example: ¿Victoria ____ al salón de belleza? - Is Victoria going to the beauty shop?

Answer: ¿Victoria va al salón de belleza?

1. Nosotros ____ a tomar un taxi.
We are going to take a taxi.

2. ¿ ____ a la ferretería?
Are you going to the hardware store?

3. Nosotros ____ a la tintorería.
We are going to the dry cleaner.

4. ¿Cuánto dinero ____ a necesitar?
How much money are you going to need?

5. Sofía ____ a la avenida Elena.
Sofia is going to Elena avenue.

6. ¿ ____ a la panadería?
Are you going to the bakery?

7. ¿ ____ a la tienda?
Are you going to the store?

8. Ella ____ a la farmacia.
She goes to the drug store

9. ¿ ____ a estudiar?
Are you going to study?

10. ____ a la joyería.
We are going to the jewelry store.

11. Ella ____ al cruce.
She goes to the intersection.

12. ____ a ir a la pastelería.
We are going to the pastry shop.

13. Tú ____ a llegar tarde al mercado.
You are going to arrive late to the market.

14. Yo ____ a la escuela.
I am going to the school.

15. ¿Ellos ____ a la iglesia?
Are they going to the church?

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Quiz 2
Answers 2

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