Exercises with Reflexive Verbs - Present Tense 2  

Reflexive Verbs Reflexive Pronouns
Quiz 1

Fill in the blank with the correct form of the reflexive verb levantarse. Say the sentence.

Example: Ella _______ a las seis de la mañana. - She gets up at 6:00 AM

Answer: Ella se levanta a las seis de la mañana.

1. _______ a las cinco de la mañana.
I get up at 5am.

2. ¿A qué hora _______ ?
At what time do you get up?

3. ¿ _______ a las siete?
Do you get yourself up at seven o'clock?

4. Ella _______ de la silla.
She gets up from the chair.

5. Nosotros _______ de la banca.
We get up from the bench.

6. _______ de la mesa.
I get up from the table.

7. Juan _______ a las siete.
John gets himself up at seven o'clock.

8. Las muchachas _______ temprano cada día.
The girls get themselves up early every day.

9. Isabel _______ tarde.
Isabel gets up late.

10. Ustedes ______________ tarde los sábados.
You get up late on Saturdays.

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Quiz 2
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