Fill-in-the-blank - present indicative  

Use of Present Indicative
Quiz 1

Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb. Say the sentence.

Example: ______ vivir en Nueva York. - I want to live in New York.

Answer: Quiero vivir en Nueva York.

1. ______ cambiar dinero.
I need to exchange money.

2. ______ copiar su pasaporte.
I will copy your passport.

3. Nosotros ______ estudiar.
We are going to study.

4. ______ visitar Tikal.
I want to visit Tikal (mayan ruins).

5. ______ enviar un mensaje.
I need to send a message.

6. ______ viajar a Venezuela.
I'm planning to travel to Venezuela.

7. ¿Dónde ______ estudiar los muchachos?
Where are the boys going to study?

8. ¿ ______ traer las maletas?
Are you going to bring the suitcases?

9. Ellas ______ bajar del carro.
They're going to get out of the car.

10. ¿Ustedes ______ estudiar?
Are you all going to study?

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Quiz 2
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