Interactive Quizlets - Passive Voice 2  

Intermediate Spanish Grammar Passive Voice
Quiz 1

Translate each sentence into Spanish two ways:
a. Using the passive voice (if possible) and
b. With an alternate method.

Example: Lazarillo de Tormes was published in 1554.

Answers: a. Lazarillo de Tormes fue publicado en 1554.
b. Se publicó Lazarillo de Tormes en 1554.

1. It has been called one of the world's best novels.

2. It was composed by an unknown author.

3. The main character was born in the Tormes river.

4. His father was exiled for robbing his customers.

5. A blind man was given young Lazarillo as a guide.

6. The boy was mistreated by the blind man.

7. He was then accepted as a helper by a priest.

8. Lazarillo was not given enough food by the priest...

9. ... so he was forced to steal bread out of an old chest.

10. When he was kicked out by the priest, he was taken in by a poor squire.

11. Both the master and the servant were saved by the food the boy begged.

12. The squire fled and the boy was left alone.

13. At the end of the novel Lázaro was named the town cryer and ...

14. ... he and the servant-girl of a priest were married.

15. It has been said that she was the priest's mistress.

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Quiz 2
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