Interactive Quizlets with the -er Verbs 1  

Regular -er Verbs
Quiz 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of aprender, comprender, creer or leer. Say the sentence.

Example: Él _____ las vocales. - He learns the vowels.

Answer: Él aprende las vocales.

1. _____ historia.
We learn History.

2. Yo _____ mis libros.
I read my books.

3. Rosa _____ inglés muy bien.
Rosa understands English very well.

4. Yo _____ que ella tiene fiebre.
I believe that she has a fever.

5. No _____ .
I don't understand.

6. Tú _____ que Juana es la maestra.
You believe Juana is the teacher.

7. Nosotros no _____ italiano.
We don't understand Italian.

8. Él no _____ química.
He does not understand chemistry.

9. Yo no _____ que Pedro es el maestro.
I don't believe Pedro is the teacher.

10. Yo _____ que Juan conoce a la muchacha.
I think that Juan knows the girl.

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