Fill-in-the-blank - Verb hacer - Preterite Tense  

Preterite Tense Verb Hacer - to do, to make
Quiz 1

Fill in the missing words and say the sentence.

Example: _____ mi tarea. - I did my homework.

Answer: Hice mi tarea.

1. No _____ la tarea por la tarde.
I didn't do the homework in the afternoon.

2. (Tú)¿ _____ tu tarea esta tarde?
Did you do your homework this afternoon?

3. No sé si María _____ la tarea esta tarde.
I don't know if Mary did the homework this afternoon.

4. Nosotros _____ un viaje a México.
We made a trip to Mexico.

5. Yo creo que María _____ la tarea ayer.
I think that Mary did the homework yesterday.

6. Los muchachos _____ la tarea anoche.
The boys did the homework last night.

7. Sí lo _____ , pero no sale.
Yes, I did (it) but it doesn't come off.

8. (Tú)¿Qué _____ después?
What did you do later?

9. Ellos tradujeron el libro e _____ los dibujos.
They translated the book and made the drawings.

10. ¿Sabes si María _____ la tarea anoche?
Do you know if Mary did the homework last night?

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