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Spanish Grammar Preterite Tense Irregular j-stem Verbs

Irregular verbs that end in the letter j use the same endings as the other irregular preterit verbs with one exception. The ellos, ellas, and ustedes endings will lose the letter i and become - jeron.

The tables below show the conjugations of the verbs decir (to say), conducir (to drive), and traer (to bring). Other verbs that follow this pattern are: producir (to produce) goes to (produj) and traducir (to translate) goes to (traduj).

decir (conjugation)

yo dije (I said)
dijiste (you said)
Ud./él/ella dijo (he said)
nosotros dijimos (we said)
vosotros dijisteis (you guys said)
Uds./ellos/ ellas dijeron (they said)

conducir (conjugation)

yo conduje (I drove)
condujiste (you drove)
Ud./él/ella condujo (he drove)
nosotros condujimos (we drove)
vosotros condujisteis (you guys drove)
Uds./ellos/ ellas condujeron (they drove)

traer (conjugation)

yo traje (I brought)
trajiste (you brought)
Ud./él/ella trajo (he brought)
nosotros trajimos (we brought)
vosotros trajisteis (you guys brought)
Uds./ellos/ ellas trajeron (they brought)

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