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Reflexive Verbs Reflexive Pronouns
Quiz 1

Fill in the correct form of the verb and say the sentence.

Example: Me _____ la cara. - I washed my face.

Answer: Me lavé la cara.

1. Me _____ de verte.
I was happy to see you.

2. ¿Te _____ a las siete?
Did you get up at seven o'clock?

3. Él se _____ .
He washed himself.

5. Pedro se _____ de trabajar.
Pedro was happy to work.

6. Juan se _____ a las siete.
John got up at seven o'clock.

7. Me _____ de volver.
I was happy to return.

8. Yo me _____ la boca.
I rinsed my mouth.

9. ¿A qué hora te _____ ?
At what time did you get up?

10. Me _____ de estar contigo.
I was happy to be with you.

11. Ayer nos _____ los pies.
Yesterday we washed our feet.

12. ¿No te _____ por mí?
Were you not happy for me?

13. Me _____ a las cinco de la mañana.
I got up at 5am.

14. Ellas se _____ temprano hoy día.
They got up early today.

15. Me _____ el pelo todos los días.
I washed my hair every day.

16. Ellos se _____ las manos.
They washed their hands.

17. Isabel se _____ tarde.
Isabel got up late.

18. Ella se _____ a las seis de la mañana.
She got up at 6:00 AM

19. Me _____ por ti.
I was happy for you.

20. Él se _____ la cara.
He washed his face.

21. Me _____ de la mesa.
I got up from the table.

22. Ella se _____ los brazos.
She washed her arms.

23. Ella se _____ de la silla.
She got up from the chair.

24. Ayer nos _____ de la banca.
Yesterday we got up from the bench.

25. Me _____ mucho de tu éxito.
I was happy for your success.

26. ¿Te _____ de verme?
Were you happy to see me?

27. Nancy se _____ el pelo.
Nancy washed her hair.

28. Los niños se _____ .
The children washed themselves.

29. El rey se _____ del triunfo.
The king was happy about the victory.

30. Él ______ los vasos.
He washed the glasses.

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