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Interrogative Pronouns
Quiz 1

Fill in the blank with the correct interrogative and say the sentence.

Example: ¿_____ tuvo en la caja? - What did you have in the box?

Answer: ¿Qué tuvo en la caja?

1.¿_____ película te gusta más? - Which movie do you like the most?

2.¿_____ de las dos películas te gusta más? - Which one of the two movies do you like the most?

3.¿_____ es el presidente de México? - Who is the president of Mexico?

4.¿_____ quiso? - What did you want?

5.¿_____ es la fecha de hoy? - What is the date today?

6.¿_____ pagaste? - How much did you pay?

7.¿_____ camisas trajiste? - How many shirts did you bring?

8.¿_____ es tu dirección? - What is your address?

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Quiz 2
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