Irregular Verbs - pensar  

The verb "pensar" (to think) is irregular because the present subjunctive conjugations do not follow the norm which you previously learned.

The table below shows how to conjugate "pensar" in the present subjunctive:

present subjunctive - (conjugation)
yo piense (that I may think)
pienses (that you may think)
Ud./él/ella piense (that you/he/she may think)
nosotros (as) pensemos (that we may think)
vosotros (as) penséis (that you guys may think)
Uds./ellos/ellas piensen (that you all/they may think)
Footnote: yo = I, tú = you (informal), usted (Ud.) = you (formal), él = he, ella = she, nosotros = we (males/mixed group), nosotras = we (females), vosotros = you guys (informal, males/mixed group), vosotras = you guys (informal, females), ellos = they (males/mixed group), ellas = they (females), ustedes (Uds.) = you all (formal)
Other Verbs Conjugated like Pensar
Acertar    (to hit the mark)    Acrecentar  (to increase)
Alentar    (to encourage)       Apretar     (to squeeze)
Arrendar   (to lease, to hire)  Atravesar   (to cross)
Asentarse  (to sit down)        Aterrar     (to pull down)
Calentar   (to warm)            Cerrar      (to shut, to close)
Desmembrar (to dismember)       Comendar    (to commend)
Comenzar   (to begin)           Cegar       (to blind)
Confesar   (to confess)         Gobernar    (to govern)     
Despertar  (to awake)           Manifestar  (to manifest)
Empedrar   (to pave)            Mentar      (to mention)
Empezar    (to begin)           Negar       (to deny)
Encerrar   (to shut in)         Plegar      (to fold)
Enmendar   (to correct)         Quebrar     (to break)
Reventar   (to burst)           Recomendar  (to recommend)
Temblar    (to tremble)         Tentar      (to tempt, to attempt) 
Tropezar   (to stumble)

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