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Time Related Phrases using desde
If you would like to know how long something has been occuring then you can begin your question with the phrase "¿Desde cuándo...?" For example,
¿Desde cuándo tiene usted conflictos con la Sra. Cisneros?
How long have you had problems with Mrs. Cisneros?

To answer this type of question, you can begin you response with the word "desde". For example,

desde anoche - since last night
desde anteayer - since the day before yesterday
desde ayer - since yesterday
desde el sábado - since Saturday
desde hace dos meses - since two months ago
desde el año pasado - since last year
desde el mes pasado - since last month
desde esta mañana - since this morning
desde esta tarde - since this afternoon
desde hoy - since today
desde la semana pasada - since last week

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