double object pronouns  

When two pronouns are used in the same sentence, the indirect
pronoun MUST go first. These pronouns replace nouns and refer
to nouns that have already been referenced.

You CANNOT use two pronouns together that begin with “l”.
You must change le & les to se.

An indirect object pronoun can coexist in the same sentence
with the noun that it’s referring to:

Que le regale un suéter a mi padre.

Remember se has multiple meanings. You may clarify
to whom the pronouns refer to by adding a mí, a ti, a Ud.,
a ella, a él, a Uds, a ellos, a ellas.

The term “double object pronoun” refers to using direct
and indirect object pronouns together. All the
possible combinations of double object pronouns are
shown in the table below:

me lo (la, los, las) - - nos lo (la, los, las)

te lo (la, los, las) - - os lo (la, los, las)

se lo (la, los, las) - - se lo (la, los, las)

Que Juan le compre la pizza a Betty.
That John buys the pizza for Betty.
Que Juan se la compre.
That John buys it for her.

Que mi amiga me compre el libro.
That my friend buys the book for me.
Que mi amiga me lo compre.
That my friend buys it for me.

Que Juan le mande la carta a María
That John sends María a letter.
Que Juan se la mande.
That John sends it to her.

Que yo le regale un carro a mi hermano es difícil.
That I give my brother a car is difficult.
Que yo se lo vaya a regalar es difícil..
That I'm going to give it to him is difficult.


Que Sergio le compre a su madre unas flores.
That Sergio buys his mom some flowers.
Que Sergio se las compre.
That Sergio buys them for her.

Que Gabriel les de besos a sus hijos.
That Gabriel gives kisses to his children.
Que Gabriel se los de.
That Gabriel gives them to them.

Que Lorenzo le enseñe e concepto difícil a su amigo.
That Lorenzo teaches his friend the difficult concept.
Que Lorenzo se lo enseñe.
Lorenzo teaches him it.

Que Ana les traiga la comida a sus abuelos .
That Ana brings her grandparents the meal.
Que Ana se las traiga.
That Ana brings it to them.

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