Irregular Spanish Verbs - 'c' is changed to 'z'  

if the conjugation adds an 'e' to the stem, then the 'z' is changed to 'c'

enderezar - to straighten, put upright
lanzar - to throw, hurl, launch, heave
matizar - to distinguish, to explain in detail
mediatizar - to determine
aterrorizar - to terrorize
exorcizar - to exorcize
cauterizar - to cauterize (heat a wound to make it heal)
castellanizar - to hispanisize
desautorizar - to deny, ban, discredit
abalanzarse sobre - to fall upon; abalanzarse hacia- to rush towards (predator verbs)
abrazar - to embrace
acorazar - to armor plate, to armour (the merrimac and the monitor)
amordazar - to gag, muzzle
banalizar - to trivialize
adelgazar - to lose weight
aterrizar - to land
aderezar - to dress, season {you're adding spices to meat}
agudizar - to sharpen, to make worse
barnizar - to varnish, to glaze
aguzar - to sharpen, to whet (an appetite)
afianzar - to reinforce, to secure
analizar - to analyze
agilizar - to speed up
agonizar - to be dying, to fizzle out, to suffer in agony
cicatrizar - to scar over, to heal
alborozar - to delight
alcanzar - to reach
civilizar - to civilize
alcoholizar - to turn into an alcoholic
alzar - to lift, raise, hoist
cazar - to hunt
americanizarse - to become americanized
amerizar - to land at sea (the end of the line for an Apollo space trip)
contabilizar - to enter
cotizar - to quote, to price
desembozar - to unmask, to uncover
desenzarzar - to untangle
desesperanzar - to cause to loose hope
despedazar - to tear apart, to shatter
desperezarse - to stretch
destrozar - to smash, to shatter, to ruin
disfrazar - to disguise
enfatizar - to emphasize, to stress
entrecruzar - to interweave, to interlock
entrelazar - to interlace
enzarzar - to entangle, to embroil
especializar - to specialize
esperanzar - to give hope to
estimatizar - to scar, to stigmatize
finalizar - to finish
generalizar - to spread, to generalize
gozar - to enjoy
hechizar - to cast a spell on
idealizar - to idealize
lanzar - to throw, to fling, to sling, to launch (multipurpose war verb)
liofilizar - to free-dry
magnetizar - to magnetize
memorizar - to memorize
psicoanalizar - to psychoanalyze
punzar - to prick, to stab
relativizar - to put into perspective
rozar - to rub, to brush, to graze
utilizar - to use

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