Irregular Spanish Verbs - 'i' gets an accent  

In the PRESENT first, second, third person singular (yo, tú, él/ella).

If the last syllable is a vowel, the 'i' gets an accent

fotografiar - to take a photograph of

yo fotografío, tú fotografías, él/ella fotografía.

enviar - to send

envío, envías, envía

More examples:

agriar - to turn sour {an alcohol oxidized to a carboxylic acid}

aliar - to ally, to combine

amnistiar - to grand amnesty to

ampliar - to expand, to extend, to add an extension to

aviar - to pack (suitcase, briefcase, etc.)

biografiar - to write biography

confiar - to confide

criar - to breed

descarriarse - to stray

desvariar - to be delirious, to talk nonsense

espiar - to spy on

esquiar - to ski

liar - to tie up, to wrap, to roll

piar - to cheep, to peep

radiar - to radiate, to irradiate

radiografiar - to X-ray

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