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Quiz 1

Fill in the blank with the correct form of the -ar verb and say the sentence. Choose from the verbs trabajar, caminar, hablar.

Example: Yo _____ italiano. - I used to speak Italian.

Answer: Yo hablaba italiano.

1. (Tú)_____ suficiente inglés.
You were speaking enough English.

2. (Tú)_____ con Rosa y María.
You were walking with Rosa and María.

3. Yo _____ en la oficina ayer.
I was working in the office yesterday.

4. _____ cuando empezó a llover.
They were walking when it started to rain.

5. (Tú)¿_____ de jardinero?
Were you working as a gardener?

6. ¿Pero ustedes no _____ juntos?
But didn't you all used work together?

7. Ellos siempre _____ de fútbol.
They always used to talk about soccer.

8. (Tú)¿De qué _____ mientras trabajabas?
What were you talking about while you were working?

9.María _____ en Nueva York el año pasado.
Mary was working in New York last year.

10. Yo _____ a la casa de mi abuela todas las tardes.
I used to walk to my grandmother's every afternoon.

11. El hombre _____ de Miguel constantemente.
The man used to talk about Miguel constantly.

12. (Tú)¿_____ en la oficina ayer? -
Were you working in the office yesterday?

13. Las muchachas _____ en el centro.
The girls used to work downtown.

14. Rosario _____ con Susana todas la noches.
Rosario used to talk to Susana every night.

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Quiz 2
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