Quizzes - Future Indicative  

The Future Indicative
Quiz 1

Translate the following sentences into the future form..

Example: We will ask Jorge what he will do next Friday.

Answer: Preguntaremos a Jorge qué hará el próximo viernes..

1. Jorge says he will finish the work on Friday.

2. I wonder if he has all the information he needs about the environment.

3. He probably wants to know which species are in danger of extinction.

4. He also will investigate how factories will damage the ozone layer.

5. The level of smoke will be disastrous and will contaminate the air.

6. He probably hopes to stop the deforestation of the jungle and
protect the animals there.

7. I wonder if the pollution destroys more than we think?

8. We probably can do much more to protect the environment.

9. In the future we will recycle, conserve raw materials,
and purify the water to make it safe to drink.

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Quiz 2
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