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Dialogue 1

La Primavera

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Ya ha llegado la primavera.
Spring has already arrived.

¿Vamos a ver los cerezos?
We are going to see the cherries?
(Are we going to see the cherry trees?)

Okay, Sure

Mira qué bonitos están.
Look how beautiful they are.

Es verdad, las flores están preciosas.
Yes, the flowers are just precious.

¿Te apetece tomar un té?
Is it appealing to you to drink a tea?
(Would you like to drink tea?)

Vale, vamos a sentarnos.
Sure, we are going to sit ourselves.
(Sure, let's sit down.)

Present indicative conjugation of haber:

he (I have)
has (you have)
ha (he/she/you have)
hemos (we have)
habéis (you guys have)
han (they/you all have)

Dialogue 2
Dialogue 3
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