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Quiz 1

Oral Vocabulary Quiz

The quiz below will test both your comprehension and your vocabulary. The teacher will say a word and you must put it into one oft he following categories: Names, Countries, Numbers, Languages and Hobbies. Do not read the answers below! First, listen to the oral quiz and try to answer the questions correctly. If you have any doubts, then please read the answers in English below.

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Ustedes tienen que clasificarlas en la lista de una manera adecuada.
You all have to classify (the words) correctly in the list.

Después repítanlas en casa para ampliar su vocabulario.
Later, repeat them at home for (to) increase your vocabulary.

Las categorías son: - The categories are:

Nombres, Países, Números, Idiomas, y Hobbies (Aficiones)
Names, Countries, Numbers, Languages and Hobbies

Hacer la compra, sí, eso es un hobby.
Shopping, yes, that is a hobby.

España, España es un país.
Spain. Spain is a country.

Dos, dos es un número.
Two. Two is a number.

Alemania, Alemania es un país.
Germany. Germany is a country.

Uno, es un número.
One is a number.

Carlos, Carlos por supuesto es un nombre.
Carlos. Of course Carlos is a name.

Manuel, Manuel es un nombre.
Manuel. Manuel is a name.

Nadar, claro es un hobby.
Swimming is, of course, a hobby.

Patinar, también es un hobby.
Skating is also a hobby.

Estefanía, es un nombre.
Stephanie, is a name.

Polonia, es un país.
Poland is a country.

Polaco, es un idioma.
Polish is a language.

Inglés, claro es un idioma.
English, of course that's a language.

Ver la tele, es un hobby.
Watching the television is a hobby.

Pasear al perro, también es un hobby.
Walking the dog is a hobby.

Alberto es un nombre.
Alberto is a name.

Francia, es un país.
France is a country.

Tres, claro es un número.
Three, of course, is a number.

Checo, es un idioma.
Czech, is a language.

Ruso también es un idioma
Russian as well is a language.

Escuchar música, es un hobby.
Listening to music is a hobby.

Tocar la guitarra es un hobby.
Playing the guitar is a hobby.

Cinco, claro amigos es un número.
Five, of course, my friends, is a number.

Italia, es un país.
Italy is a country.

Seis, es un número.
Six is a number.

Francés, es un idioma.
French is a language.

China, un país.
China is a country.

Siete, es un número
Seven is a number.

Viajar, es un hobby.
Traveling is a hobby.

Ocho, es un número.
Eight is a number.

Marcos, es un nombre.
Marcos is a name.

Quiz 2

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