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Dialogue 1

La Camiseta - The T-Shirt (Sports Shirt)

chula - pretty, beautiful

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¿Dónde te has comprado esta camiseta? (Tú)
Where did you buy this t-shirt?

Me la regaló mi mujer.
My wife gave it to me.

¿Te gusta?
Do you like it?

Sí, es muy chula.
Yes, it is really pretty.

¡Tu camiseta también es muy chula!
Your t-shirt is really pretty too!

¡Me la trajo mi padre de Cancún!
My father brought me to Cancun!

Me gusta el tiburón.
I like the shark.


Present indicative conjugation of haber:

he (I have)
has (you have)
ha (he/she/you have)
hemos (we have)
habéis (you guys have)
han (they/you all have)

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