Cultural Differences between Mexico, the USA and Canada  

Comparing Cultural Differences: Mexico with Canada & the United States

      Although the three countries that make up North America are physically close, Mexico is simply a different country than her northern neighbors. Mexico has a different history and a different culture. Mexicans have their own ways of doing and looking at things. Each Mexican's beliefs, expectations and codes of personal and social conduct are so different as to be from a different world. Of course, from their perspective, you are from a different world.

      To successfully interact with a Mexican, it is necessary to enter the world of the Mexican, and be aware of the fact that your assumptions about how things are done, often are not true. The following comparison table provides a summary of major cultural differences.

Cultural Comparisons





Family is the first priority.
Children are celebrated and sheltered.
Wife fulfills domestic role.
Mobility is limited.
Family is usually second to work.
Children often minimally parented; are independent.
Wife often fulfills dual roles.
Mobility quite common.


Long Roman Catholic tradition.
Fatalistic outlook. "As God wills."
Mixed religions.
"Master of own life" outlook.


Emphasis on theoretical.
Rigid, broad curriculum.
Analytical approach.
Emphasis on the practical.
Narrow, in-depth specialization.


Very nationalistic.
Proud of long history and traditions.
Reluctant to settle outside Mexico.
(U.S.)Very patriotic.
Proud of "American way of life."
Assumes everyone shares his/her materialistic values.
(Canadian) Less than U.S.. Often has more " World" view.

Personal Sensitivity

Difficulty separating work and personal relationships.
Sensitive to differences of opinion.
Fears loss of face, especially publicly.
Shuns confrontation.
Separates work from emotions/personal relationships.
Sensitivity seen as weakness.
Tough business front.
Has difficulty with subtlety.


"Old world" formality.
Etiquette and manners seen as measure of breeding.
Formality often sacrificed for efficiency.
"Let's get to the point" approach.

Personal Appearance

Dress and grooming are status symbols. Appearance is secondary to performance.


Title and position more important than money in eyes of society. Money is main status measure and is reward for achievement.


Aesthetic side of life is important even at work. No time for "useless frills".


Truth is tempered by need for diplomacy.
Truth is a relative concept.
Direct Yes/No answers given and expected.
Truth seen as absolute value.

mexican culture vs american culture

Cultural Differences between Mexico and USA

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Mexican Culture vs American Culture at Work

Everybody welcomes each other with an embrace and a kiss No issue on the off chance that you've recently met or are long-lasting business partners or colleagues, you are welcomed tenderly with a light embrace and kiss on the cheek in Mexico. This is exceptionally particular from the formal handshake we use in the U.S. Notwithstanding, I for one observe it to be exquisite! Everybody tries to recognize and acquaint themselves with each new individual who goes into a room, and I discover it makes a more grounded feeling of closeness, shared regard, and cooperation. Regardless of in the event that you are simply the volunteer (like) or the leader of the administration association that procedures exile applications, you welcome everybody similarly. When talking about time, Mexicans will regularly say manaña signifying "tomorrow," or estos días signifying "nowadays," or my top choice, ahorita, a humble of the word for "now." Using the word ahorita rather than ahora (signifying "now") can frequently connote that you signify "at the present time." These references to time can now and then be negligible, however. Somebody may state ahorita, or "at this moment," yet mean in a couple of days. They may state they will hit you up mañana, however signify "sooner rather than later." right away, it was difficult to figure out what individuals genuinely implied, yet I've become used to utilizing the expressions and to explain when marking the calendar. In the U.S., there is a normal degree of demonstrable skill utilized in email correspondence. Expressions like "I'm anticipating," "to the responsible party in question," "simply hovering back," or "see underneath" are normal in the underlying trade. When the initial couple of messages have been traded with a specific convention in the U.S., however, the accompanying messages can be as brief as "extraordinary, much appreciated!" conversely, Mexicans take it to an entire other level! They keep on utilizing a lot of custom all through the email string. I've taken in a ton of new formal expressions in Spanish that are utilized when tending to an expert partner over email. For instance, me permito anexar, which generally means "I should get a kick out of the chance to join"; es preciso comentar que, which is a formal method for saying "note that..."; and por medio de la presente, which signifies "I thusly" or "by methods for" or "through this" contingent upon the unique circumstance. It's quite normal in numerous Latin American nations to have a protracted get-together over noon and Mexico is no exemption. I've seen that here in Mexico City, the absolute best cafés close by 6:00 pm on the grounds that their greatest business time is during late lunch (2:00-4:00 pm). On the off chance that I appear at an eatery around early afternoon or 1:00, it will be totally unfilled. However, after 2:00, the lunch group is huge, noisy, social, and enthusiastic. It appears that nobody really works 9-to-5 in Mexico. The real business hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, however most workers remain path past that time and without protest. The work culture anticipates that one should buckle down, which is shown by to what extent you remain, or how long you don't take off. I've been informed that in certain divisions, particularly in the administration area, it's disapproved of to leave dependably at 6:00 pm. Mexican work law orders that a representative is qualified for six days of paid excursion just once an entire year of business has been finished. This implies in your whole first year of working at an organization, you have no get-away days, lawfully. Following five years of work, you're qualified for an extra two get-away days, as directed by the legislature. Obviously, organizations or associations can grow these advantages. In finding out about the advantages some nearby companions get at their work environments, I understand that numerous more youthful organizations are actualizing progressively adaptable timetables and longer get-away periods; be that as it may, most of individuals are given advantages as indicated by that pattern government prerequisite. Numerous Mexicans are stunned when I educate them concerning the three-weeks paid time-off I got from my old occupation in the USA.

Cultural Differences between us and Mexico

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Differences between Mexican and American Culture

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