Object Pronouns  

Conjunctive Object Pronouns

Object Pronouns are divided into Disjunctive Object Pronouns and Conjunctive Object Pronouns.

When used as the subject or the object of a verb, a personal pronoun is said to be in the conjunctive form (used in conjunction with the verb).


Él me ama - He loves me.
Él nos ama - He loves us.
Él te ama - He loves you.
Él os ama - He loves you.
Él lo (le) ama - He loves him. He loves it. (m)

Él los ama - He loves them. (m)
Él la ama - He loves her. He loves it. (f)
Él las ama - He loves them. (f)

(m) - masculine
(f) - feminine

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Conjunctive Pronouns
me me
te you (familiar)
lo him, you, it (m)
la her, you, it (f)
se himself, herself, yourself
nos us
os you (familiar)
los them, you (m)
las them, you (f)
se themselves, yourselves

(m) - masculine
(f) - feminine

Use of Object Pronouns

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