conjunctions - pero, sino, sino que  

Spanish Conjunctions

Conjunctions link and create relationships between clauses.

Quería comprarte un vestido, pero las tiendas estaban cerradas.
I wanted to buy you a dress, but the stores were closed.

El aula es pequeña, pero tiene mucha luz.
The classroom is small, but has lots of light.

Pero can also indicate that something is done despite the circumstances hindering the action:

No le gusta el trabajo, pero siempre es puntual.
He doesn't like his job, but he is always punctual.

¡Pero... may also be used to add emphasis.

¡Pero qué niño tan bueno!
What a good boy!

¡Pero si...! often indicates an objection or protest.

¡Pero si yo no he hecho nada!
But I didn't do anything!

Pero can also be used as a noun, in which case it's translated as "objection" or "defect".

Él siempre pone peros a nuestros planes.
He is always raising objections to our plans.

The conjunction sino is used to contrast the previous negative statement.

El cliente no quería mejores precios sino mejor sevicio.
The client did not want better prices, but (rather) a better service.

Use sino que when this conjuntion precedes a conjugated verb.

Pedro no enseña francés sino que enseña español.
As a noun, "sino" is "fate, destiny".

Me gusta la nieve pero no me gusta el frío.-I like snow, but I don't like the cold.
No use "pero" sino "sino". - Don't use pero but sino.
No es tonto, sino demasiado inteligente. - He is not stupid, but too intelligent.
No grito, sino que hablo claramente. - I am not shouting but (rather) speaking clearly.
No es inteligente, pero sabe mucho.- He is not intelligent, but he does know a lot.
El sistema no solo es eficaz, sino también agradable. - The system is not only efficient, but also nice.
No solamente oyeron música, sino que además bailaron. - Not only did they listen to music, but they also danced.
No querían únicamente la independencia política, sino también la económica. - They wanted, not just political independence, but also economic independence.
Manejo automóvil no sólo por comodidad, sino por necesidad. - I drive a car not only for comfort, but also out of necessity.
No está nevando sino que llueve.-It's not snowing but rather it's raining.

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