Comparisons of Equality using Adjectives & Adverbs  

Comparisons of Equality

To make comparisons of equality we use the formula:
tan + adjective + como
tan + adverb + como

When using an adjective you need to be sure it agrees with the first noun mentioned. For example:

Las niñas son tan juguetonas como los niños.
Girls are as playful as boys.
Los niños son tan juguetones como las niñas.
Boys are as playful as girls.
El pollo es tan sabroso como la carne.
Chicken is as tasty as meat.
La carne es tan sabrosa como el pollo.
Meat is as tasty as chicken.

Let's look at some other example sentences:

Es tan bueno como lo esperaba.
It is as good as I expected.
No es tan fácil como usted cree.
It is not as easy as you believe.
Tiene tanto dinero como puede desear.
He has as much money as he can wish.
Ya no soy tan tranquilo como era cuando tenía 10 años.
I am no longer as carefree as I was when I was 10 years old.
No creía que tenía tantas casas como usted.
I did not believe he had as many houses as you.
Mi hermano ya no es tan gordito como era cuando tenía 10 años.
My brother is no longer as chubby as he was when he was 10 years old.
Adverbs do not show agreement:
Las niñas aprenden tan rápido como los niños.
Girls learn as fast as boys.
La carne se prepara tan rápido como el pollo.
Meat is prepared as quickly as chicken (is).
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