Arruru Mi Niño  

This lullaby is from Central America.

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Arruru Mi Niño

Una camisita

With a little shirt

te voy a poner

I will dress you

el día de tu santo

on your birthday

al amanecer.

when the sun comes up.

Señora Santa Ana

Mrs. Saint Anne

Señor San Joaquín

Mr. Saint Joaquin

escondan al niño

hide the boy

por el tacuazín.

from the weasel

Señora Santa Ana

Mrs. Saint Anne

porqué llora el niño

why is the boy crying

por una manzana

for an apple

que se le ha perdido

that he has lost

No llores niñito

Don't cry little boy

que aquí tengo dos

because I have two apples

una para la Virgen

one for the Virgin

y otra para vos

and one for you

Vocals by Tiffany Eng, Michele Lamb, Christine McNew, and Grete Pasch; Michele Turner on mandolin, Allen Mullen on guitar.

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