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123TeachMe Frequently Asked Questions

What is a language school?

There are many Spanish language schools located throughout the world. These schools not only teach foreigners the language, but they provide a total immersion experience as well. Some language schools are run in conjunction with a university. However, most language schools are independent of universities and therefore are much less expensive. Like the university-affiliated programs, independent language schools do accept reservations ahead of time, but they also gladly accept walk-ins.

What is the weekly cost to study at a language school?

Tuition at many language schools may be around US$100 per week, if you contact the schools directly through 123TeachMe. If you contact the same school through the website of a sales agent, you will be forced to pay the commission of the sales agent. This commission is often greater than the cost of tuition at the school!

In addition to the tuition expense, you will have living expenses. Living expenses may be as little as US$60 per week in Central America, or as much as US$600 per week in Europe. If you have a very limited budget, you should focus your search on schools in developing nations.

How do you determine the Quality of each language school?

We don.t. The quality of each Spanish school is determined by the students who have attended the school. Students submit comments and evaluations about each school they have attended or are currently attending. This is very valuable information for people who have an interest in learning Spanish in a country where it is spoken. We hope to hear from you and receive your evaluation of the school you attend.

How do I evaluate a school?

Search our website for the listing of the school you are attending or have attended. Register and submit your evaluation.

Is it better to attend a language school with locations in many countries?

There are NO language schools with locations in many countries! Many websites imply that they are global language schools. These websites are typically put up by sales agents and are NOT part of any language school. The objective of these websites is to earn a .kickback. by filling chairs in language schools around the world.

How can you claim to offer a complete list of Spanish language schools when the school that I.m communicating with is not on your website?

Often, students believe that they are communicating with a language school when they are actually communicating with a sales agent. Sales agents receive a .kickback. for each seat they fill in a language school. This .kickback. motivates sales agents to develop thousands of websites that look and feel like language school websites. It is often impossible for a student to differentiate between the website of a legitimate language school and the website of a sales agent.

If you enroll in a language school through a sales agent, the language school is forced to recuperate the cost of the .kickback. through exaggerated tuition rates and bogus registration fees. 123teachMe always puts you directly in contact with the language school - eliminating the middleman.

How do you get all the schools listed on your Website?

Usually, the Director of the School will contact our website. We review the information they submit, and if they meet the requirements on the web site, we list them.

Who can be listed on your Website?

123TeachMe only accepts Spanish schools that are located in Spanish speaking countries. We do NOT accept sales agents and we do NOT accept travel agencies that teach Spanish. We ONLY accept language schools.

Should I consider attending an "Average" language school?

Yes, you should consider any language school that will help you achieve your objectives. By definition, many schools are average. Most beginning students will be perfectly happy to study at an average language school.

Should I consult another list of language schools?

There are hundreds of small websites that offer lists of language schools. Since each school must pay to be listed, these websites are nothing but paid advertisements. The websites make no attempt to be impartial; they sell ads to the most expensive schools in an attempt to coerce your decision.

Don't some websites offer discounts at all their language schools?

Beware of websites offering "discounts". How could the website of a sales agent offer you a lower price than the language school itself? Who will pay the sales commission? 123TeachMe always connects you directly with the language school.

How can I find schools that offer special programs?

On our site you will find language schools that offer special programs for children, teens, and seniors. Other schools offer professional programs for doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, lawyers and policemen. You can find the schools that offer these programs quickly by using our advanced search feature.

Why don't you provide the exact tuition cost for each language school?

Due to the daily changes in exchange rates, the tuition cost of each school changes every day depending on the currency considered. Also, every school offers a variety of programs, each with a different tuition. Since we do not wish to provide inaccurate information, the only alternative is to provide a range of tuition cost expressed in only one currency, US$.

Is the language school registration fee refundable?

The registration fee is usually non-refundable and is applied toward your tuition at many schools. Some schools do not count the registration fee toward your tuition! Be certain to ask each school if they will apply this non-refundable fee toward your tuition!

How quickly will I be able to speak the language?

This depends on your commitment and eagerness to learn the language. If you devote yourself, you'll have a much greater command of the language after only two weeks of intense study.

When do courses begin?

At many schools, you may begin to study on almost any Monday morning of the year. At other schools, classes begin monthly. Please contact the school directly for more details.

What are the instruction classification levels?

123TeachMe uses the following instruction classification levels: Beginner: Able to formulate and understand short, simple sentences. Intermediate: Able to express more complex ideas with much difficulty. Advanced: Able to express complex and abstract concepts with little difficulty. Superior: Difficult to distinguish from a native speaker.

How do I know if a language school is legitimate?

Most language schools charge very little tuition and provide a tremendous service. The teachers at these language schools are usually dedicated professionals. Unfortunately, we often receive complaints concerning the independent sales agents that enroll students in language schools. Students pay exaggerated tuition and bogus fees to cover the commissions earned by the sales agents. These commissions are often greater than the tuition charged by the school. Don't be a victim, educate yourself and make an informed decision.

Should I study in a class or with a private instructor?

This all depends on you. Most students learn faster with a private instructor. Private instruction is a very reasonable alternative in many countries when learning Spanish. However, some people prefer a more structured class environment depending on their objectives.

What makes a great language school?

A great language school is one that matches your needs perfectly! On our site you will find language schools that offer programs for children, teens, and seniors. Other schools offer professional programs for doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, lawyers and law enforcement. Some schools are focused on outdoor activities and offer biking, hiking, swimming, surfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, water color, cooking local dishes, and other activities along with language study. There are schools that arrange social activities, including: parties, wine-tasting, beach bonfires, tapas-hopping, cocktail parties, pot-luck dinners, formal dinners, informal lunches and much, much more.

Some students select a language school based solely upon the opportunity to assist with social programs in the host country. Many schools in Mexico, Central America, and South America either directly sponsor social programs, or will make arrangements for you to perform volunteer work, after you have some proficiency in the local language. A few of these schools also offer courses in the local indigenous languages and dialects.

Only you can define what makes a language school great!

Where will I live?

Most language schools can arrange for you to live with a family. This is your best option if you wish to speak the language quickly because these families seldom speak your language. If you prefer more privacy, 123TeachMe allows you to search for language schools that offer a school dormitory, Bed and Breakfast, shared apartments, and private apartments. Of course, you always have the option of staying in a hotel. You may find a simple hotel room for a few dollars per day in developing nations.

What if I don't like the language school?

If you have any doubts about a language school, don't commit yourself to more than one week of instruction. Most cities have a variety of language schools, while you are attending one school, you can visit several other schools and select the one that is best for you. Regardless of the school you choose, be certain to let the director of the school and your teacher know what you'd like to accomplish. Most small schools will be happy to accommodate your wishes if you let them know what your goals are.

Will I receive university or college credit?

Most language schools are not accredited institutions and cannot offer college credit. However, your university or college may grant college credit for your studies at these language schools. The advanced search option of 123TeachMe will display exclusively programs that are generally accepted by universities and colleges for credit. Ask your school officials if you have additional questions.

How long is typical language course?

Since most language schools are small and informal, courses can last from one week to several months. Students should take at least two or three weeks for maximum benefit. The truth is, the correct length of time to study is the time it takes for you to achieve your language goals!

Do you have information on language schools in the USA?

No. Our experience and expertise lies solely with language schools in other countries.

How Does 123TeachMe earn money?

123TeachMe has never profited from this website. It is not our objective to earn money. Our only objective is to help students select the most appropriate language school.

How can I contact 123TeachMe?

Please contact us trough our contact form. (

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