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Agradecería si me pudieras ayudar.
I would be grateful if you could help me.
Si sigues así te correrán.
If you keep going like that, they will fire you.
Ana habría comido fresas si no estuviera enferma.
Ana would have eaten strawberries if she weren't sick.
Yo me pondré molesto si Juan dice mentiras.
I will get angry if Juan tells lies.
Si te pones desagradable me marcho.
If you get disagreeable, I'm leaving.
si yo fuese usted
if I were you
Tú te pondrás molesto si Juan dice mentiras.
You will get angry if Juan tells lies.
María se pondrá molesta si Juan dice mentiras.
Mary will get angry if Juan tells lies.
Nosotros nos pondremos molestos si Juan dice mentiras.
We will get angry if Juan tells lies.
Ni yo tampoco, si tú no quieres ir.
Me neither, if you don't want to go.
Pregunta a ellos si tienen dinero.
Ask them if they have any money.
Yo me pondré contento si gano la lotería.
I will be happy if I win the lottery.
Sí señor, frecuentemente pierdo la respiración.
Yes sir, I often lose my breath.
¿Y si fuerais al cine?
What about going to the cinema.
Infórmanos si hay algún cambio.
Let us know if there is any change.
Vas a acatarrarte si sales asi.
You are going to catch a cold if you go out like that.
¿ Y si me acompañaras ?
And if you will accompany me?
¿Y si cenáramos juntos?
And if we will dine together?
Nosotros nos pondremos contentos si ganamos la lotería.
We will be happy if we win the lottery.
¿Se considera a sí mismo un líder?
Do you consider yourself a leader?
Yo haré el trabajo mañana si yo puedo.
I will do the work tomorrow if I can.
Si no puede contratar a un abogado...
If you cannot afford an attorney...
Nosotros haremos el trabajo mañana si podemos.
We will do the work tomorrow if we can.
María, te ayudaría si pudiera.
Mary, I would help you if I could.
Las muchachas harán el trabajo mañana si pueden.
The girls will do the work tomorrow if they can.
¿Sabes si María hizo la tarea anoche?
Do you know if Mary did the homework last night?
¡Si supierais!
If only you knew!
Si pasáis por Sol, me esperáis.
If you pass by Sol, you wait for me.
Si no lo hago, lo sé hacer.
If I don't do it, I know how to do it.
Sí señor, ¿qué necesita?
Yes Sir, What do you need?
Sí señor, desde hace cinco años.
Yes sir, for five years.
Tendrás éxito si tienes buenas notas.
You will succeed if you have good grades.
Pregúntale si lo hará o no.
Ask him if he will do it or not.
Si, ya acabaron.
Yes, they've already finished.
Le preguntaste si vendría.
You asked if he would come.
Visitaríamos el museo si estuviera abierto.
We would visit the museum if it were open.
Yo no sé si María conoce al muchacho.
I don't know if María knows the boy.
...llamar si no viene. call if he doesn't come.
Yo no sé si María lo conoce.
I don't know if María knows him.
¿Sabes si María conoce a Juan?
Do you know if María knows Juan?
¿Sabes si María lo conoce?
Do you know if María knows him?
No sé si María hizo las tareas esta tarde.
I don't know if Mary did the homework this afternoon.
Yo no sé si Juan conoce a las muchachas.
I don't know if Juan knows the girls.
Yo no sé si Juan las conoce.
I don't know if Juan knows them.
Si come demasiado, engorda.
If she eats too much she will get fat.
Si fumara menos viviría más.
If he smoked less he would live longer.
Si llueve más nos hundimos.
If it rains more, we are going to sink.
Si vienen, los veremos.
If they come, we will see them.
Van a festejar como si fuera 1999.
They are going to party like it's 1999.
Si lo perdiera le mataría.
If he lost it I would kill him.
Si lo pierde lo mato.
If he loses it, I will kill him.
Si lo oyeras, no dirías eso.
If you heard him, you would not say that.
Si me acompañara, me alegraría mucho.
If he accompanied me, it would make me really happy.
¿Sabe usted si tiene presión alta?
Do you know if you have high blood pressure?
Si me voy a España compro turrón.
If I go to Spain, I will buy nougat candy.
Si no estuviera enfermo sería felíz.
If he wasn't ill, he would be happy.
Si no vienes enseguida me voy.
If you don't come inmediately, I will leave.
Si tiene tos ¿le sale flema?
When you cough, do you have phlegm?
Si viene lo paga.
If he comes, he will pay it.
Si, me dieron muchos.
Yes, they gave me a lot.
¡Tú si que vales Juan!
You are definitely worth it Juan!
A ver si quedamos un día..
We have to meet some other day ...
A ver si nos vemos más a menudo...
Maybe we'll see each other more often...
Pregúntale si quiere venir.
Ask him if he wants to come.
Aprenderían más, si estudiaran más.
They would learn more if they studied more.
¿Si voy a la fiesta? ¡por supuesto!
If I am going to the party? Of course!
Tiene que avisarme si...
You need to let me know if...
Yo vendré si no estoy enfermo.
I will come if I am not sick.
Sí, le gustaron mucho.
Yes, she liked them a lot.
Yo no sabía si Juan había comido.
I didn't know if John had eaten.
Yo no sabía si los muchachos habían comido.
I didn't know if the boys had eaten.
Me equivocaré más si no presto atención.
I would make more mistakes if I don’t pay attention.
Si, está lloviendo muy fuerte.
Yes, it's raining very hard.
Lo intentaré por si acaso.
I will try it just in case.
Los alumnos aprenderán si estudian.
The students will learn if they study.
Si quisieras, te acompañaría.
If you would like, I could accompany you.
Sí, tuvimos que comprar muchos.
Yes, we had to buy a lot of them.
Si puede, vendrá. Si pudiera, vendría.
If he can, he will come. If he could, he would come.
Jorge se enoja si pierde.
Jorge gets angry if he loses.
Si conocieras Barcelona, no dirías eso.
If you knew Barcelona, you wouldn't say that.
Si María comiera pastel, no tendría hambre.
If María ate some cake, she wouldn't be hungry.
Si no estuviera lloviendo, iríamos a la playa.
Is it weren't raining, we would go to the beach.
Si quisieras, habríamos ido al cine.
If you wanted, we would have gone to the movies.
Sí, ya tomé un antibiótico.
Yes, I already took an antibiotic.
Sí, yo tomé un jarabe.
Yes, I took a syrup.
Sí, yo tomé un remedio casero
Yes, I took a home remedy
Sí, yo tomé una cápsula
Yes, I took a pill.
Juan caminaría a la escuela si viviera cerca.
Juan would walk to the school if he lived closer.
Tú correrías si no estuvieras enfermo.
You would run if you weren't sick.
Si no imagináramos no viviríamos.
If we were not to imagine we would not live.
Luis recibiría un regalo si fuera Navidad.
Luis would get a gift if it were Christmas.
Si, una apendicectomia.
Yes, an apendicectomy.
Yo escribiría a papá si él estuviera lejos.
I would write dad if I were far away.
Sí, una cirugía de corazón abierto.
Yes, open heart surgery.
Sí, se mueve hacia la espalda
Yes, it moves toward my back.
Si me enojo, me contento de nuevo.
If I get mad, I make myself happy again.
Yo podría comer helado si no tuviera gripa.
I could eat ice cream if I didn't have the flu.
¿Qué harías si fueses rico?
What would you do if you were rich?
Si no quieres no me escuches.
If you don't want to, don't listen to me.
¿Qué harías si te enfermaras?
What would you do if you got sick?
¿Si no, qué?
So what is to be done, then?
Si no, ¿cómo conocer si son legítimos o no?
Otherwise how can we ascertain whether or not they are legitimate?
Como si legitimara algo.
As if it legitimised anything!
Veamos si podemos mejorarlos.
Let us see if we can improve them.
Si queremos, podemos conseguirlo.
We can do that if we want to.
Si no lo es, no funcionará.
If it is not, then it will not work.
Si tú no, entonces ¿quién?
If not you, then who?
Si tú no, entonces ¿quién?
If not you, then who?
Si tú no, entonces ¿quién?»
If not you, then who?'
Si es así, ¿cuál?
If yes, then which one?
Si no, no somos coherentes.
Otherwise we are not being consistent.
No sé si es posible.
I do not know if that is possible.
Si no es ahora, ¿cuándo?»
If not now, then when?’
Si fracasamos, perderemos.
If we fail in that, then we will lose.
Si quiere plantearlo, hágalo.
If you want to take it up, do so.
Si no quiere, no lo haga.
If you do not, then do not.
Si ahora no, ¿cuándo?
If not now, then when?
Si no, nos quedaremos atrás.
If not, we will be left behind.
¿Sabe si va a venir?
Do you know if he is coming?
Si no, no lo es.
If it does not do that, then it is not effective.
Si sigue moviéndose, regúlalo.
If it keeps moving, regulate it.
¿Comprobará si es posible?
Will you check whether this is possible?
Si lo somos, ganarán.
If we are, they will win.
Podemos si lo intentamos.
We can do it if we try.
Si estoy equivocado, demuéstrenmelo.
If I am wrong, prove me wrong.
Si no ahora, ¿entonces cuándo?
If not now, then when?
Si fracasamos, fracasamos.
If they fail, we fail.
Si hubiera diálogo civil.
If only we had civil dialogue.
Si la hay, díganmela.
If there is, tell me.
Si falla, buscaremos alternativas.
If it fails, we will look for alternatives.
Si no lo hacemos, perderemos.
If we do not do that, we will lose.
Veremos si se adoptan.
We will see if they are adopted.
Y si me están acusando...
And if I am being accused....
Si lo hacemos, triunfaremos.
If we do this, we are sure to succeed.
Si esperan, esperará.
If you wait, he will wait.
Si siguen adelante, firmará.
If you go forward, he will sign.
Si queremos, podemos conseguirlo.
We can do it, if we want to.
Veamos si lo hacen.
Let us see if they do it.
¿Qué pasa si no funciona?
What if it does not work?
Si no se incumple, no actuará.
If it is not breached, it will not act.
¿Cómo si no vamos a competir?
How else are we going to compete?
Podemos hacerlo si queremos.
We can do it if we have the will.
No sabemos si es cierto.
We do not know whether this is true.
¡Si recapacitasen al respecto!
If you would just consider that for once!
Si no, son sólo palabras.
In any case, Mr Commissioner, we support the ALTENER programme. We think it has very little funding.
Si no existen, entones no.
Otherwise it cannot be done.
Si no, carecería de sentido.
Otherwise this would not make sense.
Si no, desaparecerá Venecia.
If this does not happen, Venice will disappear.
No está claro si estaban mintiendo o si estaban confusos.
It is not clear whether they were lying or whether they were confused.
Y si nosotros argumentamos así, si seguimos, entonces seremos creíbles.
If we continue to debate the issue in this way, we will be credible.

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