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Schools in Cuenca, Ecuador
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Cuenca, Ecuador
Students Referred: 834
Students Referred: 4108
Students Referred: 3196
Cuenca, Ecuador
Students Referred: 2820

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Location: Quito, Ecuador
After finishing our two weeks of Spanish lessons in Peru, we were ready for our next adventure. We got a bus straight from the border of Peru to Quito which took 12 hours. The trip... [ view full travel blog ]
Title: I'm Alive!
Location: Canoa, Ecuador
I had been in Quito for 2 weeks studying Spanish. It was time to move. My next stopped was Canoa. That was a great adventure! Apparently the shortest way to Canoa is not the fast... [ view full travel blog ]
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Quito. We woke up @ 6:00 AM and went out looking for breakfast. We were in little hotel. The rooms are very small, but very clean. We found a restaurant that was open at that t... [ view full travel blog ]

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