Vocabulary   By Ron Slone

administrador - manager
arancel - custom-house tariff
asunto - subject (email)
aviso - advice, noticev
confianza - trust, confidence
constantemente - constantly
conveniente - convenient, suitable
correo - post, post office
*dar aviso - to inform, to give notice to leave
*dar aviso de despedida - to give notice of dismissal
de moda - fashionable
devolver - to give or send back
dirección de correo electrónico - email address
efectuar - to effect
favorable - favourable
fijar - to fix
holgazán - lazy
haragán - lazy
honrar - to honour
indicar - to indicate, to point out
largo - long
mensajes no deseados - SPAM (unwanted email)
mensajes salientes - outgoing email
noticia - news
noticias - news
*poner en condiciones - to enable
por su cuenta - on his account
de su cuenta - on his account
el sobre - the envelope
tomar nota - to take note, to notice
venta - sale
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