Vocabulary   By Ron Slone

alguno,-a - [2] some or any (s.)
algunos,-as - [3] some or any (pl.)
amarillo - yellow
arrastrar - drag (as in drag and drop)
barba, barbas - beard
barbilla, barba - chin
blanco - white
boca - mouth
cabello - hair
cabeza - head
café, castaño - brown (dyed)
cepillo - brush
cualquiera (s.) - [4] any (affirmative)
cualesquiera (pl.) - any (affirmative)
descargar - download (computer)
dientes - teeth
dinero - money
encarnado - red
escoba - broom
estampar - to print (calico)
la frente - the forehead
lengua - tongue
malo - [5] bad, wicked
manteca - butter
moreno - brown, (natural colour)
(la) nariz - nose
necesitar - to want, to need, to be in want of.
ninguno,-a (s.) - any (after a negative)
ningunos,-as (pl.) - any (after a negative)
el ojo - the eye
padres - [6] parents
pegar - drop (as in drag and drop)
percal - calico
portapapeles - clipboard (computer)
queremos - we want
*querer - to want, to wish to have
ellos quieren - they want
yo quiero - I want
usted quiere - you want
regla - ruler
si - if
la tez - complexion
un poco de - [7] a little, some, or any
verde - green
Footnote 2: Before a masculine noun "Alguno" and "Ninguno" drop the
"o", as Algún dinero (some money). The feminine "Alguna" and "Ninguna"
never changes.]
Footnote 3: Also unos, unas.
Footnote 4: "Cualquiera" generally drops the "a" before a noun, as
Cualquier libro (any book).
Footnote 5: Before a masculine noun it drops the "o", as Un mal
muchacho (a bad boy). The feminine is always "mala."
Footnote 6: The masculine plural includes the plural of both genders,
as Los padres (the parents, father and mother), Los hermanos (the
brothers or the brother(s) and sister(s).)
Footnote 7: Used for both genders, as Un poco de vino (a little wine),
Un poco de cerveza (a little beer).

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