Vocabulary   By Ron Slone

abonar - to speak for a person, to recommend
actas - deeds (writings)
amén de - besides
apenas - barely, scarcely
arrepentirse - to repent
bergantín - brig
concluir un trato - to strike a bargain
contramaestre de filatura - master spinner
conveniente para - becoming
cregüelas - osnaburgs
crespones - crêpons
dar cuenta - to report
destajista - contractor
discutir - to discuss
dobladillo de ojo (con) - hemstitched
empeñar - to engage
en regla - in order
escrito - writing (n.), letter
exponerse á - to expose oneself to, to encounter
fidedigno - trustworthy
fracasar - to fall through
goleta - schooner
hundimiento - subsidence
pañuelos de luto - black-bordered handkerchiefs
posición - position, standing
probar fortuna - to try one's luck
proceder - proceeding, behaviour
redactar - to draw up (deeds), to write out
suelo - ground, soil
vencer - to win, to fall due
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