Vocabulary   By Ron Slone

abordar - to board, to accost, to approach
abrir agua - to spring a leak
ajeno - belonging to others, outward
andar en cuestiones - to dispute
barrica - cask
cabo - corporal
¿cómo no? - yes, of course I will
cubrir (p.p. cubierto) - to cover
dar dos pasos - to take a stroll
dar la lengua - to chat, to parley
despejar - to clear
devanarse los sesos - to rack one's brains
difunto - late, deceased
estallar - to burst, to explode, to break out
formal - formal, respectable
ir repitiendo, etc. - to keep repeating, etc.
jefe del despacho - manager
llevarse bien - to get on well together
lograr - to contrive, to attain
machacar - to hammer, to insist
mandato - order, injunction
melindroso - squeamish, very particular
multa - fine, penalty
Noruego - Norwegian
peligro - danger
remolcar - to tow
sacar en limpio - to make out
sargento - sergeant
transportar - to transport, to convey
tul bordado - embroidered tulle
vender gato por liebre - to cheat
¡vaya! - go!
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Popular Phrase: vivir | Conjugated Verb: cifrar - cipher, encipher, scramble [ click for full conjugation ]

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