Vocabulary   By Ron Slone

en la actualidad, al momento - at present
á menudo - often
acostumbrarse - to accustom oneself
adjuntar - to attach
admitir - to acknowledge
aparecer - to appear
aplicarse - to apply oneself
archivos adjuntos - attached files (email)
arroba - @ (at)
ayuda - help
boletín - form, slip, price list
caucho seco - dry rubber
cebada y avena - barley and oats
cifras - figures
la compra - the purchase
*contar (con) - to count, to rely on
la costumbre - custom
cualquiera - any (affirm.)
cuidadosamente - carefully
declararse en quiebra - to file one's petition in bankruptcy
dedicarse - to devote oneself
dirigirse - to address oneself
escribirse - to write to each other, to one another
escuchar - to listen to
exacto - exact, accurate
firmeza - firmness
industria azucarera - sugar industry
los informes - information
lisonjearse - to flatter oneself
llamarse - to be called
el montaje - the erection (of machinery)
*moverse - to be moved, driven (machinery)
navegador - Internet browser
operadores - dealers (on 'Change)
partida - lot (of goods)
perfeccionar - to perfect, improve
*reconocer - to acknowledge
recursos - means, resources
respetar - to respect
sección - section
tacharse - to censure, to blame, oneself
tejidos - textiles, cloths
últimamente - lately
únicamente - solely, only
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