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Chinese tutor in Miami. Florida
PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 6:12 pm Reply with quote
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I am a Chinese mandarin native speaker and I've been teaching Chinese mandarin for several years in Chinese school. I have been teaching tens students in private lessons. I enjoy teaching Chinese to who are interested in this beautiful language, most importantly, I'd love to introduce & share my culture to you.


Why should I learn Chinese language ?

If the 19th century belonged to Britain, and the 20th century to the United States, then the 21st cnetury will surely belong to China. Unfortunately, this predict has become an irrefusable reality.

Chinese is one of the most useful languages in the world today. It is also the most spoken language in the world. It is the common language for Greater China (China, Taiwan, HK, Macao and Singapore) with 1/4 of the world's population! It is one of the 5 official languages of the United Nations, and one of the 7 languages that the Dept of State has determined to be critical to the national security of USA.

Today, China is a new star in the global economy; it is both the world factory and one of the largest markets. The stunning development in China creates an opportunity of a lifetime for young generations. If people have missed the Japanese surge in the 80s, they don't definitely want to miss this one - learning Chinese!

China is Florida's largest trade partner in the world outside of Latin America, and Florida is the biggest transshipment base for Chinese products to Latin America. These business activities have naturally stimulated need for local professionals to learn Chinese.

In China, American industry leaders are deeply involved in the business there. These firms need business-savvy US managers with knowledge of Chinese language and culture. Interestingly, there is a trend for Chinese companies to hire foreign managers and put them in important positions.

All of these fasts provide great opportunities for American professionals, especially in this gloomy economy, and especially for new MBAs to start their careers at a relatively high level. But never forget language is the key to these opportunities.

China is a mysterious nation with one of the oldest & richest cultures. Mastering Chinese language, people will find themselves understand a different world, which broadens their vision and knowledge, and gives them a new way of thinking, and new access to alternatives.

There is a lot of fun in learning the language. Chinese culture has 5000+ years of history, so people will always find a Chinese subject that interests them, such as martial arts, Chinese philosophy, Chinese food, Chinese calligraphy, and of course touring in China is fun as well.

In China, Americans will find themselves often at the center of attention. Chinese adore American people and products, so they will be flattered there. This creates additional opportunities if the Americans are entrepreneurial-oriented. There are uncountable cases that foreign entrepreneurs found ways to become rich due to their exotic background in this business hungry, stunning changing nation.

Learning Chinese will also help create a tremendous advantage over your native competitors in the tough education field. Chinese is one of the AP courses that high school students can take in the USA. Chinese is also an optional choice for SAT II tests. Right now an ever increasing number of schools and colleges in Florida are opening Chinese classes.

High schools across the country were asked by The College Board's world language initiative whether they'd consider adding Advanced Placement courses in Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese -- and the organization was amazed at the results, said Tom Matts, initiative director.
Fifty schools in the 2003 survey said they'd offer the Russian option, about 175 said Japanese and 240 Italian.
"And for Chinese, it was 2,400, 10 times the number of any of the other three," Matts said. "We had no idea there was such an incredible interest out there. Of all the new AP courses, certainly Chinese shows the most promise for growth."

In the spring of 2003, the Board of Trustees at the College Board adopted a resolution that called on the AP Program to actively explore the development and implementation of new AP language and culture courses and examinations in Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian, "as a first step in a commitment by the College Board to furthering multiculturalism and multilingualism in secondary education."

The Bush administration on Thursday proposed spending 4 million on educational programs to expand the teaching of Arabic, Chinese, Farsi and other languages typically not taught in public schools. Speaking to more than 100 college and university presidents attending a two-day conference at the State Department, President Bush said the effort would play a critical role in national security and lead to American students' gaining a better understanding of foreign cultures.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced that diplomats will not be promoted into the senior ranks unless they accept assignments in dangerous posts, gain expertise in at least two regions and are fluent in two foreign languages, citing Chinese, Urdu and Arabic as a few preferred examples. Rice proposed repositioning the diplomatic corps away from Europe to new areas of rapid population growth. This year, the State Department will move 100 diplomatic positions from Europe and Washington to countries such as China, India, and Nigeria.
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Chinese tutor in Miami. Florida
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