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Try, And Try, And Try Again!
PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 11:40 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 25 May 2006
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I was on, um, let me count...
Depakote prozac paxil cymbalta wellbutrin xl
upped dose of wellbutrin xl
wellbutrin xl & effexor sr...
Each one took forever (it seemed) for me to figure out that it wasn't working!
I am lucky that my friend bianca has the same basic "issues" and, apparently, physiology that I do so I have her to use as a guide to my treatment! We have been on the same drugs and had the exact same reactions so when I called her after over a year apart I was on wellbutrin xl and she was on wellbutrin xl & effexor sr so I asked my doctor to lover the dose of the wellbutrin and add the effexor and it is working well but, as we all know, nothing is perfect…
i still have breakthrough depression, panic attacks, periods of wanting to self injure, and suicidal thoughts but it has gone from “all the !@#^ing time” to a once and a while thing…and most importantly, they come at me 1 at a time instead of all at once like when i’m not on meds…
it took me years to find one that works because I didn’t have the guts to challenge the doctor!
So you need to go back to your doctor, look him square in the eye, and tell him “it is not working! Try something else!” and not leave his office until he does.
Keep a med journal to see the progress !
Have anyone tried any ganoderma products? I find it helps alot with headaches, anxiety and stress.
Theres alot of research on the web about it one great link with information and purchasing is at http://safecoffee.Com/2049702/
and www.drugs.com. online pharmacy Mark down side effects, feelings, everything until you know if it is working or not. Hell, ask your family and friends if they have seen a change!
Also, remember that these drugs take forever and a day to kick in… a month on average for ssri’s like prozac.
If you don’t take it every day, at the right time of day, for that full month then it could be that it just hasn’t had a good chance to fully integrate into your brain!
Give each new drug two months to see if it is working or not, after that you should switch until you find something that works!
If prozac and paxil don’t work for you then try the multiple reuptake inhibitors (mri’s) like wellbutrin exc.
They work on a combo of hormones instead of just serotonin. They work on serotonin, dopamine, and neuropenephren. (spelled wrong but sounds the same) it depends on the drug what it effects but always at least 2 of the 3. Wellbutrin and effexor work on the dopamine and nueropenephren.
You just have to keep trying!
Good luck!
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Try, And Try, And Try Again!
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